Thursday, February 4, 2016

Switching Gears

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! 

Obviously, my last adventure did not last very long (whoopsie) but, fear not, for I have a new mission in life.

My beloved, Jeremy, is a Grade A cinephile. You may scoff to yourself and think, "So what? Everyone likes movies!" Uhhhh, no. He eats, sleeps, and breathes movies. He's even done some directing work! So, take your worn out copy of Old School and have a seat, Young Grasshopper. 

As my resident movie aficionado, I tasked Jeremy with creating a list of the top 100 movies that, in his opinion, I HAVE to see in my lifetime. Why did I ask him to do this? So I can review them, of course! In case you are a complete stranger, you probably know that Jeremy and I are part of a movie podcast called Myopia: Defend Your Childhood ( and are no strangers to reviewing cinematic hits and misses. 

As a side note, Jeremy will be writing his own blog (that I will link to) so you can compare and contrast between a novice film buff and a professional critic. 

On to the good stuff; The List. *ahem*

Title Director Year
A Serbian Film Spasojevic 2010
All About My Mother Almodovar 1999
All That Jazz Fosse 1979
Apocalypse Now Coppola 1979
Being There Ashby 1979
Blood Simple. Coen/Coen 1984
Blow Out De Palma 1981
Cannibal! The Musical Parker 1993
Citizen Kane Welles 1941
Dancer in the Dark von Trier 2000
Das Boot Petersen 1981
Days of Heaven Malick 1978
Dead Ringers Cronenberg 1988
Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father Kuenne 2008
Delicatessen Jeunet 1991
Detachment Kaye 2011
Dirty Filthy Love Shergold 2004
Duck Soup McCarey 1933
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Spielberg 1982
East of Eden Kazan 1955
Eraserhead Lynch 1977
Fat Girl Breillat 2001
Fear of a Black Hat Cundieff 1993
Flesh + Blood Verhoeven 1985
Freaks Browning 1932
Friday Night Lights Berg 2004
Gattaca Niccol 1997
George Washington Green 2000
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai Jarmusch 1999
Girl Walk: All Day Krupnick 2011
Happiness Solondz 1998
Head-On Akin 2004
Hell in the Pacific Boorman 1968
Hellraiser Barker 1987
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer McNaughton 1986
Hoop Dreams James 1994
How to Make Money Selling Drugs Cooke 2012
I Saw the Devil Jee-woon 2010
In the Bedroom Field 2001
Intermission Crowley 2003
Into the Wild Penn 2007
Irreversible Noe 2002
Italian for Beginners Scherfig 2000
JCVD El Mechri 2008
Julian Po Wade 1997
Kingdom of Heaven (Director's Cut) Scott 2005
Last Days Here Argott/Fenton 2011
Late Marriage Koshashvili 2011
Le Samourai Melville 1967
Liberty Heights Levinson 1999
Malcolm X Lee 1992
Man with a Movie Camera Vertov 1929
Mary and Max Elliot 2009
Metropolis Lang 1927
Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. Morris 1999
Mutiny on the Bounty Lloyd 1935
Mysterious Skin Araki 2004
Network Lumet 1976
Nosferatu Murnau 1922
October Sky Johnston 1999
Oldboy Chan-wook 2003
Once Carney 2007
PCU Bochner 1994
Peeping Tom Powell 1960
Radio Days Allen 1987
Ran Kurosawa 1985
Rear Window Hitchcock 1954
Roger & Me Moore 1989
Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom Pasolini 1975
Salvador Stone 1986
Schizopolis Soderbergh 1996
Sexy Beast Glazer 2000
Shaolin Soccer Chow 2001
Sherlock Jr. Keaton 1924
Shortbus Mitchell 2006
Simple Men Hartley 1992
Sneakers Robinson 1992
Tetsuo, the Iron Man Tsukamoto 1989
The Act of Killing Oppenheimer 2012
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Dominik 2007
The Bridge Steel 2006
The Decline of Western Civilization Part II:
The Metal Years
Spheeris 1988
The Fall Tarsem 2006
The Grapes of Wrath Ford 1940
The Homesman Jones 2014
The Illusionist Chomet 2010
The Killing Kubrick 1956
The Killing Fields Joffe 1984
The Last Picture Show Bogdanovich 1971
The Lost Weekend Wilder 1945
The Piano Teacher Haneke 2001
The Princess and the Warrior Tykwer 2000
The Third Man Reed 1949
The Tribe Slaboshpitsky 2014
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Pollack 1969
Titicut Follies Wiseman 1967
Tully Birmingham 2000
When Trumpets Fade Irvin 1998
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Nichols 1966
Z Costa-Gavras 1969

So, Readers, will you join us? Stay tuned!

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